Invest in Yourself

There are many benefits from having a personal trainer…..

» Education and Safety: Trainers help you learn proper techniques and form that’s right for you

» Accountability: For many, the act of simply having the appointment with a trainer gets you working out consistently

 »Fun: Trainers can take some of the dread out of working out, which keeps you coming in

 »Time: Trainers help you improve your endurance so you get faster results

 »Motivation: Trainers help motivate you to be your very best so you can achieve your goals

Form Training: Single 30 minute visit $25.00

Single One hour visit with Trainer $40.00

One Hour session will include explanation of weight machines and equipment .  Proper Form Training and a start up workout plan.

Packages start at $80.00 to $160.00

You will have continuous support from your personal trainer for 30 days.

See your progress with beginning and ending weight and measurements.


Sign up at the gym office.  Payment must be cash or check.