You do NOT have to be a member to attend a class.  $5.00 per class for non-member.  You can enter through the office door, sign waiver and enjoy class.  You do not have access to any equipment/tanning or sauna

May  2019


9:00  POWER HOUR:  Cardio and weight training

10:30 Silver Sneakerslow impact cardio class (open to anyone)

4:30   ZUMBA:  dance fitness

5:00   HIIT 45 Interval training

6:00  Tabata:  Interval training

7:15    Bar N Bands: variety of arm/leg/core strengthen with weighted bar and bands





9:00    Yoga

10:30 Silver Sneakers Yoga: yoga moves standing or with chair. floor work is optional.  (open to anyone)

1:00 Mindful Muscle Toning slow controlled movements with instruction from personal trainer.  Focus on engaging proper muscles and form. Great for beginners/intermediate/advanced.

4:30   STRONG by Zumba: high intensity workout choreographed to music (no dance)

6:00   Zumba:  Dance Fitness

7:15    Restorative Yoga: slowing down and opening the body through passive stretching. During these long holds, your muscles relax deeply




9:00   STRONG by Zumba: cardio training choregraphed to music ( no dance)

10:30  Silver SneakersStrength/Toning- Low Impact (open to anyone)

4:30    ZUMBA:  Dance fitness

5:00   HIIT 45:   Interval training

6:00    Kettlebell AMPD: mixing cardio, strength and flexibility training

7:15   Just Pump: lifting weights with weighted bar. no cardio




9:00   Yoga

10:30 Silver Sneakers Yoga- yoga moves standing or in chair.  You do not get in floor. (open to everyone)

1:00 Mindful Muscle Toning slow controlled movements with instructions from personal trainer.Focus on engaging proper muscles and form.  Great for beginners/intermediate/advanced.

4:30   Step N More (60 min.) Step class with “more”…weights/toning/etc.

6:00   Barre Pulse:  Dance Fitness with Barre added

7:15    POUND: exercise choreographed to music using drum sticks



9:00   Just Pump: weight lifting with weighted bars

10:30  Silver Sneakers Classic: Low Impact  (open to everyone)




9:00  ZUMBA:  dance fitness

9:30  Kettlebell AMPD

10:15  YOGA TONE: Yoga with light weights  (no yoga class 5/11/19)






2 Responses to “Group Fitness Classes”

  • I joined the fitness with faith gym and it was a pleasant and soothing environment with wonderful people! I utilized the fantastic equipment and had a Zumba class there. It was super fun and the women were very helpful when I felt new and out of place. I never once had an unpleasant moment my whole stay 🙂 I recommend this gym to any woman who feels uncomfortable in a regular gym setting or around a public gym .